According to recent studies, the Supply Chain function is being widely recognized as an integral part of a successful business strategy.

Our consulting services provide valuable and significant focused solutions to the business challenges our clients face. With the world’s evolution, it is difficult to keep up with change. Understanding the essence core and knowing what is happening in the external environment allows companies to better think out of the box rather than just focusing in between their values.

A partial list of our consulting and advisory practices include:Consulting-advisory-2

  • Strategic Level - Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Risk Management, and Supply Chain Network (Re)design
  • Tactical Level - S&OP, Forecasting Demand, Supply Planning, Sourcing, Outsourcing, Procurement, Distribution & Logistics Management Optimization
  •  Operational Level - Lean, Six Sigma, Process Re-engineering, Advanced Planning and Scheduling Implementation, Inventory Management and Optimization, Warehouse & Transport Management Solutions.


Saber Middle East offers consulting, training, coaching and hands-on implementation, ensuring the right mix of tools and systems to help your supply chain design and deploy an initiative, achieve dramatic results and sustain culture change through:

  • Reducing your time waste and costs
  • Increasing your capacity and productivity
  • Restructuring your processes and optimizing your structures
  • Having an ideal mix of supply chain strategy and operational strength in procurement, warehousing, inventory and logistics
  • Improving your performance
  • Implementing and sustaining positive change
  • Establishing an innovative trend
  • Gaining a competitive advantage

Operational excellence is considered as a straightforward concept.
It means “doing things well across a company’s operations - effectively across the entire supply chain - in a way that gives a company a competitive advantage in the market place”.